Project Name:
Inventory of the Palestinian Forest Trees

Project Description:
The project is designed to identify, locate, and study the status of those species, ecotypes and populations of plant trees that inhabit forests of the West Bank. Two forests were selected for the project according to specified criteria; Wadi Al Quf and Al Qarin forests. Useful methodologies for surveying and inventorying the existing forest resources were developed to investigate the floristic and vegetation characteristics of the two forests and install a herbarium; and combining GIS-application and phyto-geographical interpretation. Such a biological assessment gathered information on species, family, and habitat levels including classification, conservation status, economical value, and eco-geographic location of surveyed species so that a long-term management plan can be developed. Specialized statistical methods were done to calculate and analyze the collated data using special scientific software. This project is one effort towards well-reasoned documentation, capacity building, taxonomy, and sustainable development of forests biological resources in the West Bank.

Project Objective:
To identify the forested tree species and their eco-geographic distribution in the West Bank using the GIS applications with a special emphasis on establishing a herbarium and a database of the surveyed plant specimens.

Project Results:
Dissemination of results designed to include a website, booklet, database and a workshop.

Funded by:

Ministry of Education and Higher Education
Implemented by:

Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem
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